It’s a Boys World

We had some nice, sunny weather the other day, and a couple of neighboring boys came over to our house to play. As always, they were all over the place; running, shouting – acting like boys normally do.

As a mother of 3 boys I am of course used to this level of noise and activity, but then I stopped for a second as a few words reached my ear. Feeling a bit puzzled, I noticed they were actually playing “baby”. That’s remarkable, I thought, for once they are not into typical boys games like sword fights or some kind of battle.

And my thoughts kept on drifting; Hmm.. maybe it’s not so bad, apparently my boys also have the ability to see the world from a more feminine angle – that’s a good thing, being able to take on a different view.

That’s when I hear my sons voice: Hey – my baby just shot your baby!

And his friend answered: Oh yeah? Well, my baby has a laser gun!

I thought to myself as I walked back into the house; Oh well… boys will be boys, I suppose 😉

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