Trying Out the Small Boat

We’re planning some boat related activities this summer, and a few days ago we took the kids to a nearby lake to try out this small one.

Mr C was eager to help put the boat on the water, but he wasn’t that keen on rowing..

Mr S handled the boat quite well (after all, he is soon to be a school boy) but then he lost his ball into the water… and watching it drift away out of his reach, he couldn’t stop a few tears from welling in his eyes.

Good thing we have big bro Mr E to take care of such disasters. The ball was safely brought back to it’s owner.

After the boat ride(s) they jumped into the water while still having all their clothes on… which made me a bit too busy for taking more pictures!

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One Response to Trying Out the Small Boat

  1. Sandy says:

    That is so great for the kids being around water in summertime. I spent my childhood summers at our cabin by the lake and those are the greatest memories! Nice pics too 🙂

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