My Camera and I

Among painters, it’s quite common at some point to make a self portrait. For those of us who are into photography, it’s not really that easy.. But at least you get a nice shot of your camera!

Although exciting things are going on in the Canon world these days, I must say I am still very content with my 30D.

I admit; if I was a millionaire, I probably would have been running off to the nearest store to upgrade my photo equipment. But I’m not a millionaire, and you know; that’s really not so bad. Having a good camera is important, if you really want to get into the challenge of photography (and I do need to save up for a few good lenses, that’s for sure) However, I believe really putting some effort into knowing your camera is equally important. And let’s not forget our most amazing tool ever; the one that never goes out of style – our eyes. The ability to “see” the world around us as if it was already captured on a frame; long before the photo is actually taken.

Over the years, as my interest in photography has grown, I have come to see the world in a different light. I see angles, colors and shapes in a whole different way. And that even applies to when I don’t bring my camera along (a situation I try my best to avoid..!)

I admit it; I’m in love. With my camera that is :o) And I really look forward to the two of us spending even more time together in the future. Oh, and by the way,  – there’s something about the light outside today, so actually I have to go – I was planning on taking just a few more pictures before that light starts to fade – …

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