It’s a Ladybug’s Life

I just realized how long it’s been since I spent some time with my macro lens, and how much I’ve missed it. So, having a few minutes to myself, I grabbed my camera and headed out in search of some hidden treasures.Right outside my front door I ran into this “treasure” 😉

longing for some warm sunshine

But what have we here? A visitor!

Hello there, little ladybug, good to see you!

Now I know summer is just around the corner!

I wonder what life is like for a ladybug. What would you have told me little bug, if God had given you a voice?

Perhaps “Oh, you know.. it’s a busy life. But I’m hanging in here.. “

This looks kind of nice anyway. Enjoying the view.. (and hoping to get a tan? :))

Say cheeeeese…!

Well, nice meeting you, miss ladybug. You’re welcome to drop by my garden again whenever you’re in the neighborhood.

Wait; was that a tiny little voice I heard? “Of course I will”

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