Wonderful Summertime

At the beginning of summer, I always have lots of plans for the coming weeks, most of them, of course, involving my kids in some way. But this year I also had another thought: I was thinking of signing up for a course in nature photography. This has been a dream of mine for months or even years. I can definitely picture myself, heading off into the wilderness – ready to fearlessly capture on camera that huge bear that suddenly appears between the trees.. “click.. click.. click!” haha! No, truth is; I’d rather see a squirrel, or perhaps a hedgehog, one of my absolute favorites.

Ants can be nice too 😉For now, I’m “clicking” flowers. These here are quite small and shy, but we all know what they will become in a few weeks. Which reminds me of another one of my summer plans; to take the kids berrypicking. Just like in the “good old days” when I was little. I remember those summers very well; the taste of sweet delicious strawberries, the feeling of magic in each new day, just knowing like any child does that the summer ahead is endless.

If I could find a way to add scent to my pictures, I sure would have done so with this one. I love the smell of Lilacs and the colors are lovely too. We may travel around the world and back but still, my heart will rest in the special beauty of the nordic summer. And the best part is; it’s just beginning.

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