The Art of Communication

As parents, teaching our children how to communicate is among our most important tasks. Even from young age, we must help them develop the ability to explain their thoughts and feelings, to practice how to be a good listener, to respect one anothers point of view and last but not least, to say nice things to each other.

However, no matter how hard we try, once in a while conflicts do arise. And that’s when their knowledge (and my patience) is put to test.  My 7 year old can be a master of words, while my 5 year old is more.. shall we say.. a man of action. Thus, sometimes my assistance is needed to maintain peace and understanding.

Yesterday while playing outside with their Lego spaceships, they came to disagree on some rules for the game. I could clearly hear their voices from the kitchen. It started out with logical argumentation. Next I hear them raising their voices. And then I see mr C making a fist towards his older brother, and I know the attack is imminent.

I sigh to myself as I leave the kitchen to help solve the situation. Mastering the art of communication really takes work. And patience. I guess we will have to go through the principles all over again.

But as I reach the front door, I find them sharing a brotherly hug all of a sudden. It seems they have found a way to solve the problem after all. Mr C is smiling, he seems happy, and obviously feels the need to say something nice, as he exclaims:

“You’re the BEST brother that I could ever have!”

Then he turns and sees me standing in the doorway. Still smiling happily, he says:

“Mom, do you know what YOU are?”

“No, what?”

“You’re a hug!”

“I am? Really?”


Without any comment his brother walks over to me and puts his nose close to my cheek. Then he says:

“Mmmm.. mom, your face smells like strawberries”

“It does? Wow! Haha!”

Ah, how I love their compliments; honest and spontaneous, they go straight to a mothers heart. Beyond doubt my favorite kind of communication 🙂

Thanks, guys. You made my day.

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