Welcome to My Voice

My name is Linda, I’m 39 years young, a mother of 3, living in the south-eastern part of Norway. I welcome you to my personal blog with thoughts and reflections on life and whatever comes to mind, as well as my greatest passions in life; music and photography.

I believe in inspiration and the art of being true to ourselves. I believe in discovering our true identity and potential; who we are – but perhaps even more importantly; what we can become.

I believe everything happens for a reason, and that it is our challenge to meet each day open-mindedly. Surely, if we make the mistake of thinking we have it all figured out; somehow life will find a way to surprise us! 😉

It is my hope that eventually, each one of us will succeed in finding the balance between contributing to the good of the world, while also identifying our own dreams, and finding the courage to follow them.

Thanks for sharing a moment! I’m delighted you are here.

“Ask not what the world needs. Ask what make you come alive… then go do it. Because what the world needs is people who have come alive” ~ Howard Thurman


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