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Nature Meets Photography

Can you think of anything better than getting to spend a whole weekend doing two of the things you love the most? A few weeks back I headed off into the forest, together with my camera and some other photo … Continue reading

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Amazing Planet

If you – like me – are fascinated by majestic landscapes and beautiful nature scenery; here’s a link that you must not miss out on. It will take you to a site called Amazing Planet, and that’s exactly the right … Continue reading

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Go Hug Someone!

I just discovered that today is (US) National Hugging Day. Which is a great  idea! But… shouldn’t it be International Hugging Day?!! What about the rest of us, is there any person on the planet that doesn’t need/want a hug? … Continue reading

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Our Beautiful World

Some would say; there is no such thing as a beautiful world. There is too much evil, too much suffering, too much imperfection . And yes, there is. Sometimes it is really hard to see beyond everything that is so … Continue reading

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Winter Roses

The world turned white overnight. And the roses were taken by surprise just like the rest of us. Still, for a little while longer, they’re holding on to their beauty – allowing us one last opportunity to enjoy their colors … Continue reading

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The Colors of Change

We know for a fact, change is an inevitable part of life. Still, our immediate response to change often seems to be resistance. When we realize that something in our lives is about to change, it is often seen as … Continue reading

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Stockholm Tonight

I just discovered this song “Stockholm i natt” by the Swedish singer Peter Jöback. The lyrics tells about how the ordinary and even unattractive becomes beautiful when your heart is filled with joy and happiness. Honest and heartfelt. If you … Continue reading

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