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A Word in the Sand

Words. I find them fascinating. Sometimes they get in the way. And then, at other times, they can be like music. I have a collection of words that are special to me.  I carry them with me; wise words, inspirational … Continue reading

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The warmest hug

The other day I overheard my boys talking about what they were going to do when growing up. Mr S, my 7 year old, did most of the talking. He couldn’t quite decide whether to become a scientist or professional … Continue reading

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Some People

Some people have really been blessed with the gift of expressing their thoughts in words. I just discovered the inspirational writings of Flavia Weedn, a woman whose words are well worth a few seconds of our time. Some people come … Continue reading

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Month of June

June. The sun wakes me up in the morning. I take my camera for a stroll. Hear the bees buzzy song, feel the warmth against my face. It’s a good start for a new day. The small people in my … Continue reading

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To live in Thankfulness

Inspired by the first beautiful day of summer, I wrote a small poem that I’d like to share. It’s about something that we often tend to forget; being grateful for all the treasures life brings our way. Let’s remember to … Continue reading

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December Thoughts

December already. How time flies! Sorry I haven’t been updating my blog for a while, there has been quite a few things needing my attention, and thus less time for blogging. As we enter the last part of the year, … Continue reading

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