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The Art of Communication

As parents, teaching our children how to communicate is among our most important tasks. Even from young age, we must help them develop the ability to explain their thoughts and feelings, to practice how to be a good listener, to … Continue reading

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Nature Meets Photography

Can you think of anything better than getting to spend a whole weekend doing two of the things you love the most? A few weeks back I headed off into the forest, together with my camera and some other photo … Continue reading

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Wonderful Summertime

At the beginning of summer, I always have lots of plans for the coming weeks, most of them, of course, involving my kids in some way. But this year I also had another thought: I was thinking of signing up … Continue reading

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The warmest hug

The other day I overheard my boys talking about what they were going to do when growing up. Mr S, my 7 year old, did most of the talking. He couldn’t quite decide whether to become a scientist or professional … Continue reading

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A Touch of Eternity

The days are getting shorter again. The evenings are getting darker. Late at night, just before bedtime, I spend a few minutes outside on the porch. The view of the city lights can be seen in the distance. But right … Continue reading

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Just to Let You Know

Just a few lines to assure you that I am still alive..! As is my blog – despite the fact that it seems to have been in a state of hibernation the past month It has been a very busy … Continue reading

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Moments to Remember

There’s a lot of good things to be said about photography. I can make you a list if you like.. But I’m sure most people would agree that the best thing is that it gives us a unique opportunity to … Continue reading

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