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Letting Go

Holding on tightly seems like the best thing to do.. ..but as he finally builds up the courage to let himself go – ..it turns out it’s quite a thrill ride! And the landing isn’t too bad either Yep, I’m … Continue reading

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Guess What I Just Did

I am so content with myself today. Guess what I just did? I poured some ice cold water on my dad’s bare feet! I can’t believe I did that! It sure made him look funny! Ha-ha! That was great fun! … Continue reading

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It’s a Boys World

We had some nice, sunny weather the other day, and a couple of neighboring boys came over to our house to play. As always, they were all over the place; running, shouting – acting like boys normally do. As a … Continue reading

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The Amazing Goldfish

Have you ever seen anything like this? I had no idea a goldfish could be trained to perform tricks like that! My five year old actually has two goldfish, but I cannot imagine them doing anything like this. (Although they … Continue reading

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All these Bubbles

How fascinating. All these bubbles. And when I touch them, they simply vanish. I’d really like to keep them, but I can’t seem to figure out how. I wonder what I must do to make them stay in my hands.

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