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The Art of Communication

As parents, teaching our children how to communicate is among our most important tasks. Even from young age, we must help them develop the ability to explain their thoughts and feelings, to practice how to be a good listener, to … Continue reading

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As long as there are trees

As long as there are trees, we will always have a place to call home I couldn’t agree more. Trees are wonderful. A tree is a symbol of life, strength and growth, in most any culture throughout the world. Trees … Continue reading

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Be Who You Must Be

I don’t know where you are on your path I have never stood in your shoes I see not with your eyes I know not what your purpose is here In this stage of your evolution But I feel blessed … Continue reading

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The True Spirit of Elephants

Last week I took my five year old to see a circus show. Being his first visit, and knowing how enthusiastic he always is about any new experience, I was really looking forward to this. My son enjoyed the show … Continue reading

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